Planning / Scheduling


JCA’s planning team provides specialist professional planning consulting services throughout Australia. Our planning team have a wide variety of skills across various types of projects. Whether you need a baseline schedule created/updated, want us to monitor/audit the progress of a project, or need a planner to be based full-time on your project, we have the planning staff to get your assignment done, and done well !

Our project planning/scheduling services are categorised into 3 separate planning disciplines:

Building – Commercial Building Construction

Engineering – Mining, Civil, Infrastructure, etc (Greenfield, Brownfield and/or Shutdowns

Technology – Smart Cards Systems, Health Services Systems, I.T., etc


On all projects, regardless of the extent of commission the following JCA methodology is followed:

  • Determine what is the controlling feature of the project, i.e. time, money (cash flow), resources, plant and materials, space, or a combination thereof.
  • Investigations and discussions would highlight the objectives, major milestones and determine client decision points.
  • All methods of design, tendering and contracting would be explored to determine the best possible delivery solution for the project.
  • Initial time planning would assist in providing information and highlight problems and potential problem areas so that objective advice and alternatives can be considered, thus allowing for informed decisions to be made which would move and direct the project towards satisfactory completion.
  • Programme revisions and updates would be carried out on a regular basis or when directed to ensure the current information and decisions are incorporated and available to the project team.
  • Once the decision on project delivery has been made, more detailed time planning would begin so as to provide information to the project team in an agreed manner during the design, tendering and construction phases.
  • If required, regular monitoring and reporting could be put in place so that the project team are kept fully aware of their time requirements and that satisfactory completion of each phase can be achieved.
  • In consultation with the team, we would determine the level of detail and programming necessary for the effective control of time for all phases of the project and establish these so that all concerned are aware of their commitment necessary to meet the various milestones. Individual programmes would be prepared for easy monitoring and reporting. Critical and near critical activities will be highlighted and relevant suggestions made.

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