JCA Resourcing is a boutique contracting service, offering a variety of project controls personnel on a hire basis.

Servicing the construction & resource sectors, its services are available on medium to large size projects,  are competitively charged and highly demanded by some of the largest mining/engineering and building firms across Australia.

Our small team is dedicated to matching a client’s needs with JCA Resourcing’s skills and experience.  Call us today to see if we can assist with your projects needs.


JCA’s training service was established to cater to clients needing tuition &/or training to complement their engineering, building and technology based project needs. JCA currently offers “in-house” or “on-site” tuition to aspiring planners or planners looking to enhance their skills in Project Planning and Controls.

JCA is NOT a software trainer

Our training consists of hands-on mentoring with the difference being our one-on-one attention.

“We guarantee a more attentive and less disruptive learning environment.”


JCA’s in-house developed training system encompasses not only software demonstration, but training on the fundamentals of project planning / controls processes for building, engineering and technology projects. Derived from our successful internal training programme we have adapted the training to a commercial status and are happy to offer it as a service to our clients and fellow planners.

Our training team are all currently active planners who are consulting on active projects, not stuck in a training room day in day out. JCA’s training service covers a variety of project management / planning software applications, including:

Oracle Primavera P6 (including v10)

Our planners use Primavera products on a daily basis.

As a Member of ‘Microsoft Certified Partner’ program, JCA are capable of providing tuition & guidance to your team members in the use of Microsoft’s planning software.

Having planners who specialise in Microsoft Project, and actually use it on a daily basis, JCA are the people to talk to.


Clients wishing to take advantage of training with JCA planners who actually use the same products you use (or are looking to use), please contact Jonathan Wipp on 08-9322-4873.

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