Forensic Planning

Forensic planning is a term coined in recent years to describe services associated with Delay, Disruption and Extension of Time Claims and the management of those claims.
JCA remains a leader in providing forensic planning services, and other claims management services. Our team works closely with its clients and there legal counsel, forensically investigating the reasons for delays, assessing them on their merit, and measuring their impact.

JCA acts impartially and independently in every project for which it provides forensic planning services.  Below we list and describe a few of the services offered by JCA in relation to time management:



JCA is often used by parties to a construction contract to analyse a contractor’s or proprietor’s position in regards to delays, and prepare supporting advice and reports for detailed ‘Extension of Time’ or liquidated damages claims.  JCA seek to provide fair and reasonable advice when preparing EOT claims, and strives to submit the same in a timely manner, so that the project team can assess and agree.


As the State’s most recognised time planning consultant, JCA is often called into a project (regardless of whether there has been an ongoing role or not) to assist with the resolution of delay disputes (’Extension of Time’ or ‘Liquidated Damages’).

JCA has successfully resolved numerous EOT claims over the years, and surprisingly in most cases, to the agreement of both parties. JCA’s team would act quickly to resolve contractor’s EOT claims as they are provided to enable the team to focus on managing the delay.

JCA would assist in managing any delays and identifying areas where lost time could be caught up, thereby mitigating any delays.


Where delay claims manifest into irreconcilable disputes, JCA’s team are available, and have often been utilised, in arbitration and litigation proceedings to act as expert witness.

After exhaustive analysis, JCA would prepare reports and supporting schedules (for either contractor or principal) to be tabled in the proceedings as evidence. Our experts are also available for examination-in-lead / cross examination.

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