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Industry down-turn ?

JCA have over the last two weeks, been inundated with applications from out-of-work (or soon-to-be out-of-work) skilled project planning and scheduling personnel.

In fact they seem to be fighting over themselves to secure work with us. Obviously this is a much different situation than we have seen in the last 10 years, where Planner/Schedulers have been hard to source and employ, let alone with reasonable salary expectations.

The recent price drop in iron ore and other resources, has prompted many mining companies to place a hold on their expansion plans.

Although there is still considerable major works on the boil, the immediate effect has seen many large contracting firms lay off  thousands of experienced engineering and construction staff.

For JCA, this has had the reverse effect. As these contracting firms lay-off engineering staff (including planners), they have looked to us instead as a short/medium term outsourcing option in lieu of carrying long term staff on current projects, for fear that after those contracts end, they will not have sufficient work load to justify those long term staff.

Either way, it appears at least that the expectations of ridiculous salary packages by Engineers/Designers/Planners in Western Australia is now becoming a littel more realistic…we’ll see how that lasts.



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