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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

JCA have recently signed up as team sponsor for a local community based (triathlete, running, fitness, training) group called “Break Your Limits” (BYL).

BYL supports and trains athletes (and regular people) who have ambitious sporting goals, to help them break their limits in achieving results. Not unlike JCA where we support our Construction and Mining clients in achieving their planned construction goals.

Part of our BYL sponsorship, contributes to the manufacture of groups quality training and racing attire that they offer to their athletes at heavily reduced prices. BYL has fresh batches of Cycling jerseys and bibs, Triathlon uniforms, running shirts/tanks, and also has access to quality racing equipment at affordable pricing.

If you’re interested in joining their squads to achieve your next sporting goal (ie whether to compete and complete a small fun run, or to the extreme of succeeding at a Marathon or full Ironman triathlon event) call Raymond at BYL Headquarters via their website –

As a new sponsor our Logo will appear on the new BYL garments, so if you see one in and around Kings Park/West Perth, shout out “Hi !”


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