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Tour de France – Project Planning

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Ever wondered who, how, and what goes in to planning, organising, implementation and managing of a massive event like the Tour de France. Obviously the individual cycling teams have their own logistical nightmare to sort out, but what about the Event Organiser themselves.

A whole year goes into the planning of this 3 week race, and Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) are the legendary company that successfully does it year in and year out.

There’s the organisation of physical requirements like: Accommodation & Transport, Infrastructure & Equipment, Transmission & Telecommunication, Security & Access Control, Promotion & Signage, but there’s also the intangible arrangements for Insurances, broadcast licesensing, Marketing, merchandising, etc.

In terms of planning, the tour de france when measured against construction projects, would be like the largest ever shutdown project ever to be planned.

We can only imagine the number of line items to be tracked and the resource loading required.

We’d welcome the opportunity to have a crack at this Programme..what do you think they use, P6?


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